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Pijie - Vocals
Herri - Lead Guitar / Vocals
Hafiez - 2nd Guitar / Vocals
Dinie - Bass / Vocals
Emai - Keys / Synths

Bittersweet began in mid-2004 with 2 members who had th
e same musical interests. Both played in an Ipoh band before, and got to know each other well during that time. Herri and Zabil occasionally met to hangout and eventually decided to try their hand at writing music together. Both heavily influenced by British music, the two decided to put their heads together and record an EP, just for fun.

After the recording was completed Herri and Zabil distributed the material for feedback, which was mainly positive. When Zabil joined the Malaysian teaching force he had to quit the band, which left Bittersweet with only one of its founding members. Determined not to abandon what they started, Herri set about forming a complete line-up, particularly considering they'd been invited by Pet Projects to perform at Couple's EP launch. He enlisted Dinie as their bassist first of all, before adding Hafiez (guitarist) to the line-up, Pijie as Bittersweet's vocalist with Emai on keyboards. Bittersweet finished recording their 2nd EP (Night and Morning Tales) on November 2004. They?|ve been invited for shows at PISA Penang on January 2005. The feedback of the 2nd EP and the shows at Penang which were more massive than before. Bittersweet have been invited for plenty of shows after that in KL and Penang.

Starting 2006, Bittersweet been received a rave reviews from the crowd and people mostly in Klang Valley itself. Bittersweet finished recorded their 1st single (A Perfect Match) on June 2006. The singles feedback was heavily impressive and the track A Perfect Match has been played in many radio stations such as Fly fm, Hot fm, and Mix fm. They also had been invited to play for a show at Baybeats festival 2006. By the end of 2006, Bittersweet has launched their 1st debut album, Perfect Match, on 16th December 2006 during Rock The World 7. Two months later, after the album has released, they started for a tour around the country. The tour began at 10th April which the first place that they gonna rock was KLPAC, Kuala Lumpur. Then,they went to JB(11th March), Malacca(17th March), Penang(8th April), Ipoh(14th April) and the last place was Sarawak on 28th April. The tour was good and successful.

After the Malaysian tour, Bittersweet in planning to broaden their music to the audiences around the South East Asia region. Finally Bittersweet comprises of 5 members that are Pijie(Lead Vocals), Herri(Lead Guitar / Vocals), Hafie (2nd Guitar / Vocals), Dinie(Bass), Emai(Keys / Synth) and a sessionist drummer.

Album Bittersweet's Perfect Match

Track listing

1. A perfect match
2. Simone
3. Come On !
4. It's Monday
5. In Bloom
6. Get it on
7. Going into the ...
8. Big Black Hole
9. Capital E
10. Kucing hitam

nie aku upload lagu Bittersweet korang leh download...

Bittersweet - Perfect Match
Bittersweet - Simone
Bittersweet - Capital E
Bittersweet - Kucing Hitam

macam mane nak dapat album dowang??arghh senang jekkk..korang leh g kat tempat2 yg aku list kat bawah nie...

Music Magic, Central Market, KL
Rock Corner, Bangsar Village shopping centre, KL
Speedy Video Outlet
Hacienda Studio, KJ
Friends Records, Jaya Jusco, Ipoh
BodySurf Music, Ipoh

aku harap bittersweet dapat pegi jauh mengangkat name MALAYSIA..yeahhh...

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